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Public Participation Plan

The Polk TPO encourages early and continuing participation by residents in the planning and decision-making process. Public outreach efforts are designed to engage stakeholders from all segments of our diverse community.

The Public Participation Plan serves as a guidebook for the public as to how and when they can engage in the regional transportation planning and decision-making process.

The plan is organized into several sections:


This section outlines the process and procedures the Polk TPO will follow when conducting public involvement including:

  • How the public can submit comments
  • What the TPO will do with the comments it receives
  • When public meetings or comment periods will be held
  • How the public can find out how to get involved


The tools and opportunities to educate and engage the public in the regional transportation planning process.


Measure both the quantity and quality of interactions with the public.


Information and links to more information on the planning process and federal regulations.

The TPO’s Public Participation Plan was updated in August 2023 .

Public Participation Plan (PDF)